FAQ- Showtimes API

What is the Showtimes API? 

The Showtimes API is the most comprehensive showtimes system for local market meta data syndication. We aggregate movie meta data, showtimes data, ticket deeplinking in one simple API for your online or offline content, apps or services.

How is the movie & showtimes data provided?

The data is provided through a JSON RESTful API. Get a quick overview of our documentation HERE.

Are showtimes and movie data provided in my country?

We are constantly updating our showtimes coverage on an international level. For the moment we cover showtimes & ticket deeplinks for Germany, Switzerland, Austria, UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Norway, Denmark, Russia.

Missing a country you need? Just let us know and we might push it up the list.

The data for India is offered under special conditions. See more details below.

What coverage does the Showtimes API offer for India?

The API currently covers the major chains country-wide: Cinemax, Cinepolis, Fun Cinemas, INOX, PVR. As the coverage is limited, the API for India is offered at a special price.

Is support provided to API subscribers?

Yes. Our technical team will help you with setup and any issues you might encounter in the process of using the API. You will be able to send your queries through our Service Desk once you are provided with an API key.  

Can I get a commission for bookings processed through my app/ website when using the Showtimes API?

No. We do not currently have an affiliate network in any of the territories we cover. Users will be taken directly to the exhibitor’s website for seating choice and booking.

How accurate is the showtime data?

Very accurate. We have a layered security set-up that always double and triple checks showtimes in order to deliver the best data out there.

What kind of data is provided in the service?

We generally provide a large variety of movie theatre data in one single API. Our data sets range from movie meta data (synopsis, cast, HD trailers, posters, stills, movie theatre data (location, maps, contact information) to showtimes syndication (cinema showtimes, ticket deeplinks). We even include movie ratings like IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic in our API.

The API currently provides limited data for India. See more details below.

What kind of data does the API provide for India?

For India, the API provides movie titles, showtimes and booking links. Other movie meta data is available through a compatible third-party service, Cinemalytics. Using Cinemalitycs is subject to a separate fee and sign up on the service’s own website.

Is there a free plan?

Since data aggregation doesn’t come without cost, we have to charge every customer. You do have 30 days to test our API for free. You will get a chance to integrate the API and have our team’s support with implementing the API into your project.

We also offer discounts for subscribers accessing two or more territories. Get in touch with our team for details.

How can I pay for the API subscription?

The API is billed monthly to your credit card. When receiving your key, we will send you a link to sign up for recurrent payments through Stripe.

Can I use the Showtimes API as a back-end to power my application?

Yes. This comes at an additional cost for us since your users will send requests directly to our system – which means we will set up a dedicated server for you, which the client has to cover.

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