All of Gruvi’s tools can incorporate showtimes data, detecting the users’ location to show them the closest cinema. They can explore various dates, having an overview of all available screenings on any given day. Booking a ticket is as simple as clicking on a showtime.


Great for engagement

Multiple choice, personality type or battle quizzes can be included in the Gruvi websites and social players. You can offer prizes or simply provide users with a fun experience that will make them more likely to engage and share it with their friends. The Gruvi Analytics Dashboard tracks quiz interactions and all formats can be coupled with social log in or form, to collect information about your target audience.


    • Desktop

    • Tablet

    • Mobile


    • HTML5

    • Flash


Realtime Tracking

The Gruvi Analytics Dashboard is a comprehensive, transparent tool that makes it possible for you to check how your campaigns are performing at any time. See when the components of your campaigns begin and end, explore how audiences interact with the ad units, measure the outcomes achieved, deep dive into each channel and review what creative elements are performing best.

What we can track and measure

Video views and where the users drop off

Showtimes enquires and ticket purchases

Which creative is working best

How users are sharing

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