Rad Zombie VFX — The Franchising of TV — SVOD Sundance Deals — Designing with Vibrant Colors — North Korea Foreign Debt

Gruvi Weekly Digest #15 — A weekly catch up on what we found interesting at Gruvi.

This week we’ve got you covered for both entertainment and highbrow analysis of the entertainment landscape. If the perspective of TV shows turning into franchises saddens you, you can cheer up with an out of this world animation including zombies and killer plants on acid.

Ben, CEO
‘Get to tha choppa!’ — “Dawn of the planet of the zombies and the giant killer plants on some serious acid” is a film concept with a trailer that really shows off the skills of Alf Lovvold, a VFX artist in Oslo, Norway. If one man can create this level of animation over some late nights and serious coffee consumption then traditional styles of Hollywood production for shows and film are about to go out the window. Trailer is f***ing awesome btw.

Mirona, Gruvi’s Go Getter
Complaints about the lack of originality proliferated by franchises in the film industry has been criticised by many (including ourselves). Ben Travers makes the argument that series are heading down the same slippery slope and that it’s only a matter of time before viewers catch on to it and the ‘Golden Age of TV’ ends.

Johnny, Lead Developer
Two new players have finally arrived in Movie Industry City, and they are starting to shake things up at the saloon. Amazon’s and Netflix’s novel busisness models might be the needed change in wind direction for indie filmmakers and producers.

Franco, Graphic Designer
This article discusses how color vibration affects interface legibility in the context of web and interface design. A nice overview of the dos and don’ts when it comes to distinguishing bold from garish.

Matt, Operations Lead
Bit of a silly one, but this week I learned North Korea owes Sweden €300 million after it stole 1000 Volvos in the 1970s. I love that Sweden sends Kim an annual ‘overdue payment’ reminder. Credit to Swedish engineering, the Volvo’s look like they’re still in pretty good nick!

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Ben Johnson

3 February 2016

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