Amazon Follows the Audience — Live Social TV Measurements — Media Turns Introspective — Fear and Loathing in Startup Land — How Movie Posters Are Made

Gruvi Weekly Digest #26 — A weekly catch up on what we found interesting at Gruvi.

Film, TV, journalism, social, start ups- our reads take a sweeping view of some of the most interesting news and opinions published recently on these topic.

Ben, CEO

Amazon claims to put their audience at the forefront of their business model, as opposed to focusing on what the Jonses. With an impressive roster of awards already on their mantlepiece and a growing audience, their strategy seems to be working.

Matt, Operations Lead

Interesting article covering the importance of including linear terms (actor names, etc.) when measuring Twitter activity to discern the social media channel’s affect on TV ratings.

Mirona, Gruvi’s Go Getter

Media as a whole has been doing a lot of introspection lately. Over in the US journalists are asking themselves what was their contribution to Trump’s soaring popularity. At a journalism conference in Italy the question was ‘do the stories we tell sustain conflict and perpetuate the migrant crisis?’

Johnny, Lead Developer

Startup offices are colorful, dynamic, liberal with desk setup and full of free snacks. Workers are happy, focused, driven and zooming about in scooters. Or at least that’s what they tell us. Anna Wiener shows us a different perspective on what this universe looks like.

Franco, Digital Designer

We’re used to seeing movie posters, but the backstage of the forces at play in creating and approving them is little seen. This article sheds light on the work of those involved in the process.

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Ben Johnson

27 April 2016

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