Gruvi’s New Sales Pitch

Gruvi’s Connect Player™ Platform coupled with an international publisher network will tackle all major aspects of programmatic advertising spend from rich interactive media creation through to placement across various ‘safe’ publisher networks. We will be able to create custom campaign tools on the fly and combine your videos into various story boards (i.e. teaser + EPK + scene montage) with a relevant next action i.e. links to events, online sales, etc. We would then programmatically seed the tools and your video, optimizing for the each campaigns key performance indicator and report back results in real time.
This comprehensive video solution includes:
  1. Inventory selection: local publishers in all markets including international publishers
  2. Creative: set up and technology
  3. Cross promotions and important secondary actions (content cross selling, promotions, digital storyboarding, etc)
  4. Placement: across wide array of publishers and platforms including social media
  5. Monitoring for performance
  6. Optimisation and testing
  7. Wrap up reporting
An example of Gruvi’s connect player in operation
Gruvi will optimise the development, placement and performance by:

  1. Testing – feed back from micro budgets to establish A B testing on video produced by the editor
  2. Reaching users and engaging audiences – automated placement on wide selection of Media Content Networks
  3. Integration of audience data intelligent targeting and retargeting from all web assets related to the content, etc
  4. Optimising the cost of conversion – tracking depth of video views, engagements and conversions
  5. Reducing time spent on creative set up – Gruvi’s CMS creates a network of Gruvi Connected Players™ to combine video and important next client actions (subscription, cross promotion, events, promotions, etc)
  6. Tracking placements in real time – one dashboard to unify all campaign reporting
Gruvi’s platform will also include tools for the social teams and PR to tie all aspects of the company outbound marketing for both paid and organic placements. Editorial placements and paid content placements can also be supported by embed code version of our our Gruvi Connect Player.