Premium Interactive Video and Display Advertising

Premium Interactive Video and Display Advertising

Advertising at Scale for Film Distributors, Cinemas, TV Businesses, VOD platforms and Games companies. Distribute your campaigns locally and globally with the world’s leading publishers and social media.

User-Friendly Advertising

User-Friendly Advertising

Our video and display advertising solutions are geared to the entertainment industry. They provide all the information that allows a user to find out more about the content, when it’s on, where it’s playing and what to check out next.

Designed to be Viewable, Interactive and Engaging

Designed to be Viewable, Interactive and Engaging

Our advertising formats are built around visibility and are designed to get users to watch more that just the intro video. Whether it’s tickets, streams, downloads, or another form of engagement you are looking for, we combine points of sale with geolocation to facilitate conversions.

Powering a Huge Range of Prestigious Publishers and Social Media

Our interactive advertising will work anywhere and integrates with the world’s leading SSPs (Supply Side Platforms which aggregate publishers advertising space) and social media: providing access to massive audiences.

We can also make campaigns highly targetted, by working with your 1st party data, combining relevant 2nd party data from your other campaigns or layering additional relevant 3rd party data from trusted resources.

Performance Based

To hit advertisers’ branding and engagement KPIs, Gruvi’s solutions can be bought and optimized through different placements, creative elements and devices. We offer various buying models through either programmatic or managed services. Buying is based on meaningful audience interactions such as completed video views, interactions with the point of sale, sharing experiences with friends, as well as standard vCPM, CPV, CPCV media buys.

How Does It Work?

Technology that enhances the advertising experience for entertainment content

A successful campaign relies on selecting the best of your creative assets (videos, images etc) and matching them intelligently to the right audience, while constantly adjusting the campaign in order to achieve the best outcome in meaningful audience engagement.

Creative Solutions

We can help answer questions like: Should I transform my TV ad into a vertical format more suited for smartphone? Should I add interactive elements and calls to action?

Whilst we don’t create the trailer and poster artwork options, we do everything we can to ensure that the user is given everything they will need to help make their decision from within the advertising experience using the fabulous creatives you have in your press kit. Take a look at our Products and Features sections, or talk with us (link to contact form) and we will advise you on how to increase user engagement and overall performance with your video and creatives.

Technology Powered Targeting

Technology Powered Targeting

Reach the right audience, at the right time and within the right context.
Audience: specify the user-profiles, past behaviours, and location of your audience.
Contextual: match your video content and your ads interactive experience to the media, context or what the audience member is looking for based on their location.

Brand-Safe Advertising, Tracked in Real Time

We work with and provide the most reliable context for showing your advertising. Our teams work with your Black list of sites. We also monitor continuously to ensure that none of your advertising goes where it shouldn’t. Our tracking is also one for one - the moment an impression or action registers on an exchange or social media, it’s recorded in our dashboard.

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