Awww, SNAP!

News / Ben Johnson on 11 July 2017

We are excited to announce the addition of full Snapchat Ads integration to the Gruvi platform. Building Snapchat Ads for movies adds a new tool to our strategies for marketing movies on social, further expanding the reach of our campaigns.   Launched…
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Shark Week Cinema

Articles / Ben Johnson on 29 June 2017

See the premiere of Shark Week 2017 on the big screen. Compelling, engaging, educational content from Discovery celebrating the wonder of Sharks. Witness every detail of these powerful creatures, up close and personal, from their enormous size, beauty and impressive…
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Gruvi is joining the Event Cinema Association

News / Ben Johnson on 20 January 2017

We are happy to announce we are joining the Event Cinema Association (ECA), with a membership already including 170 affiliates, content providers, distributors and exhibitors from 35 territories worldwide. The association focuses on promoting event cinema to the general public, but…
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