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Cricket Mobile Game

300K cricket fans pay just 0.01p to download mobile game!

Some of the world’s most profitable companies are not listed on the Nasdaq, they are mobile games development […]

Ben Johnson
15 July 2020

Video Game Marketing: World Championship League Legends

There’s no bigger influence on gamers than other gamers

Advertising to gamers comes with a different set of rules than most entertainment fans, given 6 out of […]

Ben Johnson
23 March 2020

Does Paid Media Work for Indie Games Launches?

Does Paid Media Work for Indie Games Launches?

Tracking games sales through online advertising can be a nightmare without the right marketing and technical setup. This […]

Ben Johnson
5 August 2019

Launching Your Game: How Are You Influencing Your Influencer Marketing

Launching your game: How are you influencing your influencer marketing?

‘Influencer marketing’ is becoming more and more of a popular catchphrase. Despite that, it’s hardly scientific and subject […]

Ben Johnson
6 September 2016