Moving your cinema foyer online: The Audience Project (TAP)

I know it might sound counter-intuitive to people who work outside of the movie business, but most cinemas across Europe and the Americas don’t advertise online. There are notable exceptions like Pathe in the Netherlands but as an industry online…
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Ben Johnson

29 March 2019

Gruvi New Facebook Player – Ticketing in the Newsfeed

Our Facebook newsfeed ticketing technology is back! We can once again deliver showtimes or any relevant sales message within a mobile Facebook app. One of Gruvi’s earliest successes was our Facebook video player. It allowed us to playlist videos, cross…
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Ben Johnson

18 March 2019

Special Offer to Europa Distribution Members

Gruvi is offering Europa Distribution members the following services in order to improve the promotion and distribution of independent films. Our work will endeavour to help Europa members with: transparency about European releases research about movies to help media planning…
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Ben Johnson

30 January 2019

Looking back at an incredible 2018

Before signing off to enjoy a couple of quiet weeks with our families and friends we want to wish a Merry Christmas and a fantastic 2019 to all our partners and clients that we’ve been lucky enough to work with this year! We…
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Nguyet Nguyenova

21 December 2018

Are European exhibitors ready to capture online audiences?

Earlier this year, we learned that 55% of cinema visits are intermediated by an online search of a movie title. This prompted the questions: are cinemas ready to capture this audience? We soon noticed that while cinemas provide a great customer…
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Gruvi Team

21 August 2018

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