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CineEurope 2023 – Unleash the Power of Your Cinema’s Audience Data

Cinemas control the most valuable audience data in our industry, crucial for making intelligent business decisions that drive box office revenue. Your website collects this strategic resource, which is as powerful as any database from Netflix in determining moviegoers’ choices. With online ticketing projected to grow to $7.5 billion by 2027, it’s essential to rethink your marketing, website, and analytics packages to meet the demands of the digital ticket buyer. They are 46% more likely to purchase premium seats and 2.1 times more likely to buy concessions.

Developing the correct strategy requires familiarity with the latest digital marketing protocols and the development of complex ecommerce systems. Overcoming reporting challenges associated with Google Analytics 4 updates and the transition to a Cookieless World adds further urgency. These risks, among others, threaten the development of better marketing practices across the industry. The consequence of getting it wrong could mean the potential loss of millions in revenue and hindered collaboration with studio partners in their advertising campaigns.

In order to overcome these issues we would like to invite you to JOIN us on Wednesday, June 21st, in the Main Exhibition Hall at 1:30 pm for our Focus Session: “How to Leverage Audience Data Insights to Prospect for New Customers and Increase the Frequency of Your Current Cinemagoers.”

Discover how our solutions unlock the power of your audience data, enabling you to:

  • Boost insights and revenue: Gruvi’s platform, The Audience Project (TAP), empowers you to understand your customer data, ensuring full control, data compliance, and security. Generate growth with actionable insights and enhance your ROI through pinpoint targeting.
  • Leverage studio relationships: Connect analytics from campaigns to box office results, opening opportunities to increase studio trade budgets.
  • Overcome challenges: understand what comprises the gold standard of marketing operations to overcome issues such as the transition to GA4 and the Cookieless World 
  • Understand Box Office: Gain unique insights into your cinema’s catchment area, enabling improved planning, scheduling, and the development of promotions to boost attendance.

After listening to our talk you can take advantage of our exclusive offer for Cineeurope attendees:

  • A heavily 50% discounted audit valued at £4,000 to guide your transition to TAP
  • Our expert team investing 20 hours in providing you with a detailed breakdown of necessary actions

This limited-time offer runs for all audits booked prior to June 30th, act now to ensure a seamless transition to a gold standard of marketing operations.

Gruvi is an established film insights and marketing agency, specialising in data analytics, audience insights, targeted media campaigns, and reporting. Our team of digital specialists supports exhibition and studios, and our platform and services are designed specifically for the unique requirements of the movie business. We have successfully partnered with Vox Cinemas, Nordisk Kino, Palace, and many other operators.

Don’t miss the chance to harness the power of Gruvi. Reach out to us now or visit us in the VIP booth and let’s unlock the potential of your audience data together.