Cinema Marketing in Japan

This post is the latest in a series we will be publishing designed to show how some marketing practises adopted around the globe are leading the way internationally, highlighting valuable lessons that could be learned by their counterparts in Western Europe and the US.

Gruvi is well aware of the value of Behavioural Audience Data, with TAP (The Audience Programme) developed as an internal resource that allows us to offer clients a truly effective way to target & engage with new customers. It is impressive and encouraging to see how the value of such data is also being exploited in Japan.

Japanese media agency GEM Standard has created a system called PANDA (Programmatic Ad And Analysis) that directly benefits both exhibitors and distributors. PANDA aggregates audience data from several leading exhibitors in the country, and uses that data when planning media campaigns for various distributors.

Exhibitors and Distributors benefit from the increased effectiveness of film advertising campaigns that significantly exploit this data.

PANDA uses three different data types in the development of an advertising plan for the theatrical release of a movie:
Media Data – results taken from previous digital advertising campaigns
GEM Data – results taken from other digital marketing activities undertaken by the agency, including pre & post release tracking data
Theatre Data – visitor data on theater websites and online ticket purchase data

“Theater data is the data of users who visit the theater website to purchase tickets or browse work information. It contains online ticket purchase data and visit page history, and can be used for advertisement distribution and effectiveness verification.”

” Theater targeting is characterized by being able to accurately deliver advertisements to users who watch movies in the theater.”

It is the inclusion of this Theatre Data in their campaigns that distinguishes PANDA from its rivals: the use of this Behavioural Audience Data enables PANDA to correctly identify and target those actual cinemagoers that are the most likely to have a desire to return to the cinema. However, in the same way that Gruvi maps such data to help expand a campaign’s target audience by creating ‘lookalike’ groups PANDA also widens its target audience by using a “matching technique”: their Theatre Data is matched with their other two data types in order to significantly expand the Theatre Data’s limited reach.

audience targeting in movie theaters

“Really effective targeting is a combination of theater targeting that can accurately capture the audience of theater movies and movie fan targeting that emphasizes reach.” – PANDA

Knowing exactly WHAT your target audience does is more important than knowing exactly WHO they are: if you are planning a theatrical or VOD release of a movie Gruvi can ensure your marketing spend works as hard as possible, in both reaching and converting your online audience into actual consumers. Email to find out more.