Blog > Combining paid advertising and influencer marketing for movies. Case Study: “Kidnapning” (part three).

Combining paid advertising and influencer marketing for movies. Case Study: “Kidnapning” (part three).

Combining Paid Advertising And Influencer Marketing For Movies

Earlier this year we had the pleasure of collaborating with producer Regner Grasten on the campaign for the Danish family movie Kidnapping. In an earlier post we discussed the challenges for this campaign, as well as the insights we gathered to inform our strategy. Last week, we published an interview with the producer- watch it here.
Today we are looking at the solutions implemented and the results.
SolutionBased on the findings in our research we decided to create content as if it was made by the 4 siblings in the movie and publish it on their own social media profiles. The videos engaged with the target audience rather than talking at them, presenting the characters in environments and situations that the young users could identify with.

We focused on overcoming “the 5 second attention span”by adding “Point of no return” clips at the beginning of videos – a small tease of the larger clip enticing the viewer to watch past the elusive 5 second mark.
We chose to concentrate on social media advertising to reach the primary target audience. Content was optimised for: Facebook (including a call-to-action focused on the film’s landing page), Instagram, YouTube (where we used end annotations to encourage the viewer to stay on the channel) and Snapchat.

We also deployed part of the budget on display advertising within game apps.
For the influencer marketing strategy we needed to find a YouTuber with a sizable following among our target audience and a ‘voice’ consistent with the spirit of the movie. We found the perfect match in 19 year old Albert Dyrlund, a vlogger very popular with our core audience. His channel includes a lot of entertaining videos but he has also risen to fame as a singer, with his first 4 released singles accumulating more than 10 million views.
Albert was joined by the movie’s characters in one of his vlogs. He endorsed the movie and also persuaded his followers to visit the movie’s official channel. This vlog was the official start to the campaign, but the movie’s channel had already been populated with a range of content- including the 25 short videos produced after principal photography was concluded for Kidnapning.

For the competition we decided to focus on the site, a social media platform popular especially with pre-teens and teenagers who lip sync or do short dance routines to their favourite pop songs. In this case they had to do a lip sync ‘audition’, miming a short sequence from the film. The prize was another appeal to their desire for fame: the chance to star in Regner Grasten’s next production.
ResultsThe outcome of the campaign showed great results both for organic and paid engagement. The young audience were highly engaged with the content, commenting, liking and sharing it across channels.
The paid campaign achieved an estimated unique user reach of around 2 million and more than 6x more actions than we had initially we estimated in the media plan.
The best performing channel was YouTube:

The competition had 652 participants vying for a role in an upcoming movie. This helped not just with creating a buzz around Kidnapning, but also around the producer’s upcoming project.

The effort was also reflected at the box office. Kidnapning sold over 118,000 tickets; 2.1% of Denmark’s total population of 5.6 million went to see the movie.
This campaign is a perfect example of the marketing approach we outline in Winning Your Audiences. We found an open minded collaborator in Regner Grasten, who approached us to discuss the campaign when the movie had not yet started production. Working together to correctly identify the audience, their preferences and behaviour, creating tailor made content for each platform, incorporating an influencer marketing strategy and focusing on engagement contributed to the success of this campaign.

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