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Digital Ads Viewability — AI vs. UI — Everything Is a Narrative — Crowdfunding Movies

Digital Ads Viewability

Gruvi Weekly Digest #6 — A weekly catch up on what we found interesting at Gruvi.

From digital currencies to devices interacting directly with their users- it’s undeniable that all things digital are infusing day to day life. It goes beyond our dependency on our smartphones and ‘social’ becoming an abbreviation for ‘social media’. At the same time, storytelling remains a relevant concept. More than that, as in the case of crowdfunding for movies, you need to tell a story to gather the resources for telling a story.

Ben, CEO

Why viewability will become one of the key issues in digital advertising in 2016 via The Drum
TV advertising is declining to the benefit of digital video. But while everybody is jumping on the bandwagon, it’s not yet clear exactly what kind of results this alternative yeilds. As experience grows, measuring mechanisms will continue to be explored in order to determine what makes a successful digital advertising campaign.

Matt, Operations Lead

No UI Is The New UI via
I’m fascinated by AI at the moment, and this piece is a really interesting read about the possible effects AI will have on user interfaces. The article poses the question that if computers can see, talk, listen and respond to you, will they even require a ‘UI’?

Johnny, Lead Developer

Why story is used to explain symphonies and sport matches alike by Philip Ball via Aeon
Philip Ball elaborates on our tendency to attach narrative and causality to events we witness or works we appreciate (from sports, to arts, to economics) and the consequences of such a tendency.

Mirona, Gruvi’s Go Getter

The statistics behind film crowdfunding: Part 1 via
Stephen Follows publishes on his website a series of articles investigating “film data and education”. His most recent research looks at films funded through Kickstarter- from success rate, down to what is the best time of the day to publish a crowdfunding campaign for a movie. The first part of his analysis focuses on best practices, as revealed by the over 47 000 campaigns for films run on the platform since April 2009.

Julio, CTO

The great chain of being sure about things via The Economist
It’s always great to see a mainstream publication like The Economist bring tech literacy to the masses. Here they explore an idea which the media has been loath to approach, arguably for a lack of understanding: how blockchains are more than just a basis for digital currencies. They have the power to revolutionize and mediate trust, leading to a far more transparent, incorruptible, and disintermediated world.

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