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Digital marketing for cinemas – Gruvi services suite

Digital Marketing For Cinemas – Gruvi services Suite: Black Panther

Digital marketing for cinemas is becoming increasingly important. Today’s younger audiences are busy, fragmented across devices and completely overwhelmed with online entertainment choices. They live online and so it’s important that cinemas focus on their digital experience as effectively as they have been doing with their offline, in-person experiences.

Our A.U.D.I.T. of European cinemas reveals that movie theatres often do not take full advantage of the audience reach and engagement potential of their online platforms.

Gruvi helps exhibitors understand how efficient their current digital marketing strategies are and offers a suite of services to improve a cinema’s online presence.

Gruvi can help you with:
Audience Tagging & Measurement
In order to measure success and understand your audiences, we integrate advanced tagging and conversion tracking systems to measure your success and extend your audience segmentation as well as retargeting strategies for your digital ecosystem.
* Google Tag Manager (GTM) integration with advanced data layers
* Implementation of Facebook Pixel (with Custom Events)
* Implementation of Google Pixels
* Google Analytics dashboard setup
* Onboarding for media advertising strategies for remarketing

SEO Services
We boost your visibility and ranking in search engines by improving your website’s infrastructure. By frequently performing technical, structural & content optimisations, Google’s algorithm will generate a lot more organic impressions and conversions for your website.

SEO Site Audit:
* Crawling of your website to identify critical errors (Desktop / Mobile Version)
* Prioritised report on errors to be fixed, with recommendations
* Action plan for developers

On/Off- page Optimisation:
* Frequent monitoring of your ranking positions
* Content / keyword monitoring & recommendations
* Validation of frequent changes to your site’s infrastructure
* Backlink strategy & monitoring
* Content review & distribution

Catalogue Feed Management
Your websites content can be catalogued in order to create movie collections (e.g. by genres, directors, actors, etc.) for dynamic advertising. By connecting to our tagging, analytics and media services we help you advertise to the right audiences across any platform and device:

Catalogue feed setup
* Data transformation for Google, Social Media Networks + the Gruvi Player
* Strategy for categorization of catalogue
* Setup & Distribution to advertising networks

Catalogue dynamic advertising strategy
* Setup of Targeting / Retargeting Strategy based on Collections
* Audience Intelligence Setup based on Tagging Implementations via GTM
* Media Plan consolidation

Catalogue maintenance
* Building audience segments for advertising
* Creating collections based on focussed genres, actos, directors, etc.
* Feed Optimization

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