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Doubling the Impact of Movie Marketing Budgets

When it comes to launching a new film – are you a frog or spider? Since launching the first ticketing tab in 2010 Gruvi has been in the vanguard of performance marketing for movies. In the intervening years we have learned huge amount about what works. And what didn’t.
Digital movie marketing has always been measurable, but clicks, impressions and likes are all, at best, only loosely predictive of box office performance. The ultimate goal of any movie marketing is to maximise sales. Brand awareness, impressions and dwell time are merely indicators. What was needed was a more definitive metric.
So in consultation with the leading digital marketeers in the movie industry, Gruvi developed a dashboard that reveals campaign traction in real time. We call it Gruvi Metrics and it has been used on over 60 international movie campaigns.
Gruvi Metrics tracks consumers from banner through to box office. It reveals which banners, on which web properties drove most sales.
By comparing the performance of campaigns for current and previous movies it is easy to spot where campaign traction is poor and make tactical adjustments before the box office opens. Minimising wasted marketing dollars.
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