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Dynamic Tweets: Local Links for Live Events

Dynamic Tweets Local Links for Live Events

A few years ago, Gruvi was first to bring local showtimes information and key buying links to Facebook (including directly in Facebook’s Newsfeed). Today we’re ecstatic to announce we’re pushing new boundaries on Twitter too. For the past couple of months we’ve been working directly with the team at Twitter to bring the power of Gruvi’s showtimes technology to the Twitter feed. Via an extension to our online platform, brands can now generate Tweets that feature hyper local showtimes information and reach users in targeted locations across the UK.
The Tweets are tailored to users’ locations through a process we’re calling Dynamic Tweets. The setup is simple: create a tweet with your message, target users by location (and interests, behaviours, account followers, etc.) and set a budget. Gruvi’s platform then takes your Tweet and automatically inserts relevant showtimes information depending on where the user is located when they see the Tweet.
For example, if you have a Tweet:
“Book now to see #IndependenceDay tonight at…”
Users in Bristol might see:
“Book now to see #IndependenceDay tonight at ODEON Bristol at 19:20!”
Whereas users in Newcastle, looking at the same tweet, will see:
“Book now to see #IndependenceDay tonight at EMPIRE Cinemas Newcastle at 19:45!”

Brands can quickly and easily create a nationwide campaign without sacrificing the benefits of a localised campaign. Dynamic Tweets also fit seamlessly into existing workflows, so brands can continue to use their existing social media tools to monitor the performance of the campaigns once live.
FOX will be the first brand using Dynamic Tweets for the release of Independence Day: Resurgence later this week. FOX will be running a nationwide campaign, targeting users in over 100 locations across the UK with tweets featuring the film trailer and localised, dynamically inserted local showtimes information – all right in the Tweet.
We’re incredibly excited to have our technology working on Twitter and can’t wait for more campaigns to follow. Twitter is the best platform for disseminating information and generating awareness about live events. Dynamic Tweets is a technology we’re eagerly looking to push further, to benefit our clients in other verticals such as sports, concerts, festivals, TV, exhibition, and more.
At Gruvi we fundamentally believe that it’s all about getting the right piece of content in front of the right user at the right time and, crucially, providing that key next step to convert interested users to attendees/consumers. There’s way more to come.

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