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Early Screenings: Hot data for a potential film audience

We recently completed work on the Divergent campaign for Nordisk film in Denmark over the Easter period. Divergent is Summit’s latest franchise based on the books by Veronica Roth that has a huge global following and has been touted as the successor to earlier teen franchises: Twilight and the Hunger Games.
The film was set to launch on the 10th of April, with a series of advanced screenings been organized for fans from the 31st of March onwards across several cities. We ran one of our showtimes widgets and what we saw in terms of results was quite staggering. The following numbers represent the results from one posting of the player to the Divergent page’s timeline.
This is what the fan would have seen in their news feed.
And when the user clicks ‘play’
Once a user clicks on a showtime, he is taken directly to the online ticketing page of the cinema he has selected:
One single Facebook update in the newsfeed/timeline led to a total of:

  • 451 people seeing the player
  • 543 search actions within the player (Registered as Buyer Intent)
  • 112 (25%) people exiting the widget to go directly to the cinema’s book ticket page
  • 144 (32%) of users then clicked to also watch the trailer

Other than our player and the local screening times on cinema websites and movie portals, there was no other collected source of information about these early screenings. The high interaction rates of users with the showtimes and ticketing are a clear indication that this was highly sought-after information.
Our technology represents an interesting opportunity for Nordisk to push a message (either organically with a Facebook update or as part of a paid media campaign) directly to a targeted audience of potential film fans. On movie portals such as allociné.fr, etc. users are easily distracted by the huge amount of movies available, banner advertising or video ads. On our widget however, those users were on brand throughout the consideration and purchase phases on web, mobile and social:

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