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Engaging Rolling Stones fans with the LightVibes experience

Earlier this year, Gruvi had the pleasure of collaborating with UCI Cinemas (part of the largest cinema chain in Europe) and Phillips, the leader of lighting innovation, for the launch of the LightVibes technology. Through ambiental LED lighting, LightVibes enhances the cinema-going experience, particularly when it comes to live streaming of concerts and events. The audience of the UCI KINOWELT Ruhr Park in Bochum, Germany was the first to enjoy the immersive experience when watching the Rolling Stones Sweet Summer Sun – Hyde Park Live concert.

Gruvi ran a campaign to promote the event, with a focus on social media to attract Rolling Stones fans. We used the Gruvi marketing platform to create a native app unit for the Facebook Newsfeed that promoted video content. One of the videos presented the LightVibes technology, while the other was dedicated to the Rolling Stones’ concert. The Newsfeed also displayed a simple quiz. The campaign had the goal of finding fans of the band to allocate the remaining tickets for the event.
It was Gruvi’s task to find and engage these fans. They were targeted by the campaign focusing on a highly geo-localised area: the city of Bochum and its surroundings. The next step was piquing their interest (achieved through the videos), followed by using the quiz as a means to engage them and allocate the tickets. Fans who answered the quiz question correctly were automatically enrolled in a draw for a chance to receive two tickets for the event.
As theatrical experiences diversify and evolve through innovations such as LightVibes, new opportunities arise for exhibitors to attract new audiences and offer them remarkable experiences. But so do new challenges when it comes to reaching and engaging these audiences. Gruvi successfully tackled them by implementing a result-oriented and cost-effective campaign based on simple principles and tools that can be easily replicated on a larger scale.
The campaign was a great success on multiple levels. From the point of view of identifying the appropriate audience, genuine, t-shirt wearing Rolling Stones fans were found. This highly targeted approach yielded results while also keeping advertising costs low. More than double the required number of fans entered the quiz, and the promotional video content was viewed an average of 1.2 times per user.

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