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Game of Cross-Promotions

Last year we launched new features to help brands cross promote their content catalogues on social media and the web. CinemaxX were the earliest adopters of the technology. They used the Hub app to display playweeks on their fanpage, and Timeline app to advertise films to fans across Denmark. They had splendid results, with high numbers of users going through the apps to book tickets.
We’re extremely excited to announce that CinemaxX are being joined by more great brands including Fandor, the Achtung Berlin Film Festival and HBO Nordic.
Fandor are hoping to promote their catalogue of independent films to users on Facebook and Twitter. They will be using the Timeline and Twitter apps to reach fans, promote their films and drive users to sign-up and watch.
Achtung Berlin are also promoting films, but their emphasis will be on the Hub app. They want to show festival-goers all the films available across many independent cinemas in Berlin easily and with all relevant information presented up front; the Hub app is perfect for this. In fact, Achtung Berlin are returning customers; they used the beta version of the app at last year’s festival.
Finally, the biggest name of all, HBO Nordic. They will be using the features like Fandor, with the exception that their focus is on TV content. HBO will be reaching out to fans on Facebook, letting them know of great upcoming and newly released Series, including Game of Thrones, Girls and Vikings. They’re aiming to get as many users as possible to sign-up for their new 30-day trial, as well as browse the other available series on their service. They’ve also lined up playlists for each Series, effectively turning their Timeline and Fanpage apps into mini-brand channels. These apps show many pieces of video content, while keeping the conversion links visible.
CinemaxX, Fandor, Achtung Berlin and HBO prove that the Gruvi platform is not just about promoting single films. Gruvi is a powerful platform capable of building great tools that promote entertainment content for studios, cinemas, TV channels, music and games producers. Whether your aim is to convert via simple links-to-buy or via showtimes and ticketing links, Gruvi has a solution that works. Whether you’re Hollywood or an independent, a major chain or an small outlet, a fully staffed team or a lonesome individual, Gruvi has something for everyone – large and small.

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