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Going In Circles With Facebook Carousel Ads? Let Us Help

Going In Circles With Facebook Carousel Ads

Previously we discussed the exciting possibilities of Facebook video marketing, and with a bit of care and attention Facebook’s ‘Carousel’ can also be a powerful tool in any marketing strategy. We have found that when it comes to movie marketing it has struggled to match up with Facebook’s other options (video, canvas, live video), but despite this we think it’s important you know some best practices and some examples of effective campaigns that have included it.
Very simply, Facebook Carousel allows you to add up to 10 clickable images or video to a single post, allowing you to showcase the movie and tell a story in an exciting, dynamic way. On top of that, Facebook Carousel has been seen to be up to 10 times better than static images when it comes to the Click Through Rate (CTR) and yield 30-50% lower cost-per-conversion and 20-30% lower cost-per-click than single-image link ads.
Like video, this is an ad format where you shouldn’t be repurposing a TV advert- it should take a bit of time to work out the most effective way to showcase your product. As it’s larger than static ads and each panel has a call to action button, used properly you can really grab some attention.
Below are a few different configurations to consider for effectively using the individual panels in a carousel advert for movie marketing:

VUDU – Straight Outta Compton

(Image: Buffer Social/VUDU)
VUDU used the iconic NWA name to showcase the release of the film Straight Outta Compton on its streaming platform. The Facebook Carousel campaign sets the tone for the film whilst potentially leading people who don’t know the NWA name or the film to click through and find out more.
Playstation – Playstation Store:

(Image: Facebook/Playstation)
You can also use Facebook Carousel ads to showcase a range of products, as seen here with Playstation advertising the various titles on the Playstation Store. If you are running a VOD platform, this layout can help you promote several movies in your catalogue.
Deezer- The Beatles:

(Image: Buffer Social/Deezer)
Deezer broke up a wide image into individual panels to promote having The Beatles on their music app. Whether it’s the edge of a panoramic view or the first of the Fab Four, Facebook Carousel’s layout will encourage viewers to explore the ad.
Here are the specifications for images and video in Facebook Carousel. With a bit of thought and use of all its functions, Facebook Carousel ads can be a valuable tool to for marketing.
When it comes to movie marketing, we recommend video as the cornerstone of your campaign, but always consider it for an alternative or complementary platform.
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