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Gruvi is joining the Event Cinema Association

Gruvi Is Joining The Event Cinema Association

We are happy to announce we are joining the Event Cinema Association (ECA), with a membership already including 170 affiliates, content providers, distributors and exhibitors from 35 territories worldwide.
The association focuses on promoting event cinema to the general public, but also on supporting its members to grow and collaborate. As stated on the organization’s website, “the ECA will give the industry a voice, an identity, direction and support as it flourishes in cinemas, complementing mainstream cinema content. In a fast-changing industry, ideas and best practices can be exchanged between members, and the best this industry can offer is shared among a close-knit community for everyone’s benefit.”
One of our first contacts with the industry was in 2015, when we collaborate with UCI Cinemas, also a member of ECA, and Phillips to promote Rolling Stones Live presented by LightVibes. Through this campaign, we were happy to discover an enthusiastic and growing audience for event cinema. More details about this campaign are available on our blog.
Gruvi is joining this organization because we are strong believers in the opportunities event cinema creates both for distributing quality content, as well as for maintaining the tradition of cinema-going and the importance of the movie theatre as a venue. Through their ‘event’ component, such screenings are an interesting proposition for audiences looking for an experience that they can only get in the cinema.
After attending the ECA Con in Stockholm in October 2016, this year we are heading to the ECA Conference and Awards, held in London, on February 3rd. We are looking forward to meeting and collaborating with the other members of ECA to increase awareness about event cinema.
An earlier version of this article mistakenly listed the number of ECA members as over 90. The information has been updated to reflect that the association currently includes 170 members.

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