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Gruvi @ MIPTV 2015 Talking at the Producers Toolbox event – How to Crowdfund and Why?

Just came off stage at MIPTV 2015 after presenting alongside Andy Green, of Distrify Media, to over 300 people, explaining why we’ve decided to seek investment via crowdfunding. You can check out the event details here. The presentation went extremely well. The audience were very receptive and our investment total went up during, which was very exciting!
As part of the pitch, Andy and I talked about how Gruvi’s digital marketing platform will connect with Distrify’s Media VOD platform to provide entertainment brands with a powerful set of tools for their marketing campaigns, without having to hire expensive experts, developers and designers. These integrated tools will make it easy for audiences to connect with their next film, show, concert, event, or game purchase directly through social media – something that is increasingly important when marketing content.
“Distrify Media offers distributors the greatest access and control of their videos and Gruvi offers investors an opportunity to actively participate in this new and increasingly important paradigm. Through this unique project distributors can also gain ownership of the platform that markets their content and it is therefore a natural step for us to support such an evolution within the marketing of content.”Andy Green
I also talked about why we decided to go for crowdfunding. Having worked in the entertainment marketing industry for over four years, we saw an opportunity for a platform that simplifies the process of marketing entertainment content online. The existing workflow for entertainment brands attempting to do so is expensive, convoluted and the results just aren’t good enough.
We feel per campaign pricing is dead. So we pivoted our business model and based Gruvi around our online marketing platform. Having proven the model, we are now seeking funds to expand this more aggressively throughout the international markets and into more forms of content.
We could have attempted to do this through usual channels: bank loans or traditional investor cash. However, we wanted to involve the entertainment industry and the people who actually use the platform, and get them invested and to allow us to stay consistently on top of their requirements and needs.
If you were in the audience I hope you enjoyed the presentation!

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