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Gruvi Vlog #2 — E-Hailing — AI on AI — Designing Chat Bots — D-Day on Twitter — Wildness

Gruvi Vlog E-Hailing 

Gruvi Weekly Digest #32 — A weekly catch up on what we found interesting at Gruvi.
This week we’re launching our second instalment of the Gruvi Vlog. The question of copyright regarding movies has stuck with us, so we decided to explore it further. An interesting twist to it was provided recently by a mind-bending experiment involving AI and “Blade Runner”.
In other reads, we recommend alternative history lessons, a reevaluation of education and an example of the power of social media communities.
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Ben, CEO

The Screening Room, Sean Parker’s project for a streaming service which is challenging windowing and raising eyebrows regarding copyright, is in the works. In the second Gruvi Vlog we explore how this service and other similar one are challenging the status quo as well as what their effect on piracy could be.
You can check more of our previous research on The Screening Room here and on online piracy and what can be done about it here.

Matt, Operations Lead
How a 30K-member Facebook group filled the void left by Uber and Lyft in Austin via Techcrunch
Uber and Lyft pulled out of Austin, TX recently, but, if proof was ever needed, e-hailing isn’t going away. Not only have numerous other services sprung up to fill the void, but so has a 30K person Facebook group.

Mirona, Gruvi’s Go Getter
A guy trained a machine to “watch” Blade Runner. Then things got seriously sci-fi via Vox
This might be the most ‘meta’ thing you’ll read this week: “Warner had just DMCA’d an artificial reconstruction of a film about artificial intelligence being indistinguishable from humans, because it couldn’t distinguish between the simulation and the real thing.”

Franco, Digital Designer
Are Chatbots Really The Future Of Web Design? via
Adrian Zumbrunnen was terrified of what conversational interfaces meant for him as a UX designer. “The conversational interface is scary,” he says. “Will I still have a place in this industry when pushing pixels around is no longer the thing that designers do?”. In this article Adrian shares what working designers think of the conversational interface trend.

Johnny, Lead Developer
Five years ago, he started live-tweeting WWII. It’s all built up to this. via Washington Post
A Twitter project started back in 2011 has reached its highest point. On Monday, followers of @RealTimeWWII on Twitter could follows D-Day unfolding.

Julio, CTO
On the Wildness of Children via
Fantastic piece on schooling and other botched spirit surgeries.
[…] the forcible subjugation of children by adults forms the psychological underpinning of every other model of political and economic subjugation. This is not a metaphor; it’s a structuring principle of political reality. During the days of overt empire and colonialism?—?the same days in which our modern school system was created?—?Indigenous people, people of color, women of all colors, and lower-class whites were all viewed as childlike, in need of fatherly tutelage and discipline. And because it was understood that children often required violent “chastisement”?—?for their own good!?—?it was natural that childlike adults would require the same.What can be done about online piracy? Here’s our take:
Online Piracy?—?Why do people illegally torrent and download movies and what should be done about it
Read our report on the pros and cons of Screening Room:
Movies Should Be Seen?—?How Screening Room Is Challenging the way Hollywood works
Check out the what we have learned about audience targeting in one of our recent campaigns:
Know Thy Audience: Marketing the Horror Film IT FOLLOWS

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