How To Regain Lost Audiences And Find New Tv Viewers Online

Gruvi worked with Viasat World to tackle one of the biggest challenges its Polish TV channels were facing in 2020: loss of audiences.
In this case study we highlight the unique digital marketing approach that helped bring back those lost audiences (and find new ones too), as key Viasat Polsat channels increased the average on-air weekly reach by 27%.


International broadcaster, Viasat World came to Gruvi to tackle two challenges relating to its portfolio of TV channels in Poland:
1. Their channels’ average reach had seen a decrease over the past six months: how could they regain those lost audiences?
2. Viewership frequency was low. How could they increase this and turn those light viewers into regular audiences?
Our campaign therefore needed to:
1. Develop a strategy to identify and bring back lost viewers, and also reach recruit new viewers.
2. Establish how to accurately measure the campaign’s impact and success, in terms of actual on-air viewing numbers.
The online promotion of a TV show today must cut through the clutter of information out there, and streamline the user’s experience, presenting them with content that is relevant to them.
In order to build an effective ongoing relationship with a customer, entertainment brands must offer the user consistent, seamless and connected communications across all of their online activities.
It is crucial that real-time campaign reporting is matched with daily and weekly on-air viewing numbers, so that a marketing team can quickly understand what works and what doesn’t, and make prompt and well informed decisions regarding the campaign while it is underway. Collecting this intelligent audience data also allows us to identify appropriate campaign optimisation opportunities, in order to fast track audience conversion for new shows.


Blogs were created for individual channels that gave users a single destination for information about upcoming new shows (including on-air times, synopses, video articles and images). These blogs also ensured that Viasat World could maintain the organic awareness of its brand and shows without having to always use paid ads; the goal was to gradually build up content and brand visibility online, through optimised keywords and SEO.

gain tv audience

sample blog pages
We targeted Viasat World’s existing audiences, the audiences of other providers and key competitor channels, and potential new audiences (based on the themes of new and proxy shows) via:
1. Google’s network of sites, with programmatic banners and pre-rolls
2. Targeted keywords, channels and topics with Youtube pre-rolls
3. Targeted terms of searches and keywords with SEM

the audience project

sample ad execution

These activities built awareness of both Viasat World TV brand(s) and the specific new episodes of targeted shows, while also building traffic to the blogs. User interaction on the blogs gave us a better understanding of this audience’s interest in specific shows, which enabled us to optimise the ongoing campaign (in real-time) and also build a unique audience database (to tap into when launching future campaigns).

tv marketing ad

sample ad execution
Modelling and targeting custom ‘lookalike’ audiences based on their similar actual behaviour allowed us to expand the campaign reach, going beyond those audiences with a similar interest base, and using keywords, relevant topics, site lists, etc.
Gruvi’s The Audience Project was crucial in ensuring all the above was delivered with a minimum of wastage in terms of actual media spend. Its bespoke behavioural database targeting tool ensured we could correctly identify our initial target audience, and use that data to identify and target similar ‘lookalike’ custom groups, ensuring we were constantly building our target audience and learning from it as the campaign was underway.

tv audiences


We measured the campaign’s impact on the on-air viewership result by looking at two metrics:
Blue line: Daily campaign deliverables (28/09/2020 – 03/01/2021)
Red line: A channels’ weekly average reach (multiplied by 10 to zoom in trends, AGB Nielsen, Poland, Live, Total day, All aged 16-49, 28/09/2020 – 03/01/2021)

tv marketing stats

Matching these two metrics and following their progress week by week showed clear correlations: when campaign deliverables spiked or dipped, the channels’ on-air reach results followed the same trend.Understanding these trends means we know what is required to improve the campaign’s ongoing performance and thus reach our goal of improving the channels’ viewership and reach: our initial three months campaign contributed significantly to the growth of the average weekly reach of the Viasat Polsat channels by 27% in the target audience (AGB Nielsen, Poland, Live, Total day, All aged 16-49, 28/09/2020 – 03/01/2021. Increase Q4 vs Q3 averaged across WV channels: Viasat History, Viasat Explore, Epic Drama).
Continuous growth of average weekly reach results led to an increase of the channel’s daily reach as well.