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Interactive Rich Media Banner Ads: Ditch the GIF

New rich displays are growing the market for online marketing and banner ads. And as performance continues to improve, the old restrictions that limited banner ads to simple GIFs are being removed, creating new possibilities for internet marketing. DSPs and other networks are increasingly serving newer, more intelligent rich media ads and so, following the market trend, we’ve recently added new features to WAVE so you can easily create next generation web advertising.
WAVE now incorporates a system for creating intelligent, interactive, rich media banner ads compliant with IAB standards that incorporate video and drive users to your point of sale, whether that be cinema showtimes/tickets, on-demand content, or item purchases. These ads can be served by DoubleClick and MediaMind, as well as other major DSP exchanges.
So, if you’re running a film release you can create ticketing banners that identify customer locations and deliver localised theatres, showtimes and links to purchase tickets in over 20 countries globally. In other words, we’ve packaged the power of our social media applications into display banner ads that can be deployed with ease across the web.
Recent trials with MediaMind have showed our mobile banners convert 5X the number of users than a standard display advertisement. And, not only do our interactive banners result in higher click-through-rates than traditional GIFs, they do so at ? the typical file size – so users get faster loading speeds on top of greater colour richness and quality often lost in a GIF.
In sum, our banner ads can make a real difference to CTRs and user engagement on your next campaign. And you get all the added benefit of using rich-media banner ads on top of the other great benefits our products provide: swift international scalability, tracking capabilities, and simple construction and deployment through our powerful WAVE content management system.
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