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Introducing: Gruvi’s new website

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You might notice things looking a bit different around the Gruvi website today. We’re happy to introduce you to our new online HQ!
In the redesign we paid attention both to coherence and to the visual elements, with the overall style of the website renewed in order to match our updated visual identity (color shades, button styles, and fonts).
Since we are big advocates of marketing as an organic process, many of our products, tools, and services are adjusted to best reflect our clients’ needs.
Our homepage now better reflects the full breadth of our activity. More than building online marketing tools, we can also take on the role of a media agency. As a result, our process includes 3 important steps: building, deploying, and tracking. All these are detailed in depth throughout the website.

To get more details about what we can build, you can head to the products section where you will find details and interactive examples of Gruvi’s products.
Since their number has increased in the last year, it made sense to have a secondary navigation menu, dividing each of our products in their own sections. This way the content is better presented and categorised.

Besides having a live example, now each product clearly highlights which technology and devices it is supported on, as well which features it includes.
If you want to explore the features in detail, you can now do so under a dedicated page.

With so much change happening in the entertainment industry daily, we wanted to make sure we have the right platform to share our opinion- the Gruvi blog. This has also been redesigned and enhanced with buttons that allow you to easily share the content on Facebook Messenger, Twitter, or, our favourite, Slack.
We invite you to browse around and discover our new website. If you have any feedback about it or if you want to get in touch about your upcoming projects, don’t hesitate to drop us a message- our information is available on the Contact page.

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