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Julian Asange // Nosferatu Remake // Alt Music History // 2016 Fonts // AI Pictionary

Julian Asange

Gruvi Weekly Digest #47—A weekly catch up on what we found interesting at Gruvi.

Ben, CEO
Julian Assange faces Swedish prosecutor in London over rape accusation | The GuardianSwedish prosecution finally come to terms that the mountain ain’t moving to Mohamed and fly Ingrid Isgren over to London to interview Julien Assange over the 2010 rape allegations. Quite why this took nearly 6 years to conduct an interview is somewhat staggering for a country that claims to be progressive.

Mirona, Marketing Lead
‘Witch’ Director Robert Eggers’ Lifelong Obsession with ’Nosferatu’ and His Plans For a Remake | IndiwireTake the break-through director of arthouse horror gem ‘The Witch’, add in a little Nosferatu and stir. Needless to say, there are plenty of us looking forward to see what this low simmer will yield.

Stephen, Innovation Director
Let’s all obsess over this intricate map of alt music history | WiredA deliciously intricate visual representation of the many connections between some of the most influential bands of all times.

Franco, Digital Designer
Top 10 Fonts of 2016 | curate by on Medium“The end of 2016 is getting close. We have seen many nice font’s during the year and here are some that we really liked. Here are the top 10 fonts of 2016, curated by”

Johnny, Lead Developer
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