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Movie Investment // Awards Predictors // Future of TV // Arrival’s Alien Alphabet // Data Stories

Movie Investment

Gruvi Weekly Digest #50— A weekly catch up on what we found interesting at Gruvi.

Ben, CEO
Using Science to Pick Hit Movies | Filmonomics @ SlatedAs the authors of the article put it, “film creatives tend to recoil at the very thought of quantifying artistry?”. Using data we can trace back how Leicester City won the Premiere League, but that does not mean other teams should follow every single step. In a similar way, data can help identify movie projects that make for sound investments without falling into a formula that makes them all be the same movie.

Mirona, Marketing Lead
Do the Golden Globes Really Predict the Oscars?| FlavorwireWith the Golden Globe behind us, awards season is in full swing, in all its polarising and ‘category fraud’ glory. While we’re sure to hear some films made it on all lists, winning one prestigious award may increase, but also decrease, the odds of winning another one.

Stephen, Innovation Director
The Future of TV, Episode 1: The State of Television | UstwoA trilogy of articles documenting the change TV consumption, highlights the cultural, emotional and technological changes that are going to impact the role of TV in society over the next 10 years, fascinating stuff.

Franco, Digital Designer
How Arrival’s Designers Crafted a Mesmerizing Alien Alphabet | WiredGraphic design and movies mostly interact when it comes to posters and other promotional materials. This was different for “Arrival”. A team of graphic designers was involved in creating one of the key elements of the story.

Johnny, Lead Developer
The Best And Worst Data Stories Of 2016 | FiveThirtyEightThe year that just ended, was not the best one for pollsters (FiveThirtyEight included). But there were plenty of data stories to prove that, done right, data probing can offer interesting insights.If you’d like to make sure you don’t miss any of our Weekly Digests subscribe to the publication here.
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