Blog > ‘Seeing the light’- a Video Interview with Producer Regner Grasten. Movie Marketing Case Study: “Kidnapping” (part two).

‘Seeing the light’- a Video Interview with Producer Regner Grasten. Movie Marketing Case Study: “Kidnapping” (part two).

Seeing the light a Video Interview with Producer Regner Grasten

Earlier this year we had the pleasure of collaborating with producer Regner Grasten on the campaign for the Danish family movie Kidnapning. This was a challenging movie marketing campaign, with a complex set up and a lot of moving parts- including creating original content for advertising and an influencer marketing campaign.
We met up with Regner to ask him a few questions about his experience with this title and how it has informed his approach for future releases.
It’s not often that we have a chance to work so closely with the producers of the movies we market- and so early on- so this was surely an enlightening experience for the team as much as it has been one for our client.
At Gruvi we advocate for marketing across the user journey and across multiple stages in the life cycle of a movie. We think it’s a necessary approach to movie marketing in today’s social media dominated landscape. We detail this, as well as strategies for specific online channels, in our ebook – Winning Your Audiences – available as a free download.
Watch the video below to find out more about:

  • the audience building approach;
  • how Kidnapning beat Despicable Me 3 in its first 3 days at the box office;
  • the experience of digital movie marketing vs. TV advertising;
  • using the data gathered during the theatrical release for the VOD campaign.

To revisit the challenge and insights of this movie marketing case study, see Part 1 of the series here:
Combining paid advertising and influencer marketing for movies. Case Study: Kidnapning (Part 1)
Keep an eye on our blog next week for Part 3, where we will detail the solutions we implemented for this campaign, as well as the results.
Interviewer: Nikolaj Mathies
Camera & Editing: Alex Mint

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