TENET Opens Internationally

‘Tenet’ Fever Grips U.K., Claiming Over Half of Ticket Sales for Vue Cinema Chain

For European cinema giant Vue…the film so far accounts for 60% of tickets sold in the U.K. on Wednesday…at the Cineworld in Wolverhampton, England, audiences have a choice of 29 “Tenet” shows on Aug. 26, while the Odeon in Cardiff, Wales, offers 16 shows, and the Vue Ocean Terminal in Edinburgh, Scotland, has 19.

‘New Mutants’ Is Apparently Still Being Released in Theaters in Two Weeks it’s still possible that Disney could amend those plans. But for now, “The New Mutants” will be the first new theatrical release from a major studio since the pandemic forced U.S. cinemas to close in March. The news is especially surprising, and not just because Disney has done minimal promotion for “The New Mutants.”

Why the end of the Paramount decrees is bad for movies and movie theaters The combination of changing legal precedent and theaters potentially looking for a financial saving grace could open the door to a major acquisition in coming months…The theatrical model won’t go away entirely, but it could be revolutionized by studio ownership.

WarnerMedia Chief Jason Kilar on Theatrical Windows

Do I think that things will change in terms of how long the theatrical window is versus where it is today? I do think it will change, and I think that’s appropriate. The key in navigating that change is to figure out a way that it can be done such that the theatrical experience still is a good business. I certainly don’t see the theatrical business going away because it’s a great consumer experience.”

Disney Confirms ‘Mulan’ China Theatrical Release No release date was confirmed. The movie is heading directly to Disney+ in countries where the service has already launched, including the U.S. and UK, on September 4. It will receive a theatrical roll out in other territories, and the China bow had been anticipated as the major market has no Disney+

BTS’ ‘Break The Silence’ Movie Will Be Screening Near You Soon

The K-pop supergroup’s fourth movie is slated to hit theaters worldwide in limited screenings beginning Sept. 10, with additional territories, including the U.S., coming on-line beginning Sept. 24….tickets for Break the Silence will go on sale on the official film website beginning on Aug. 13…The Trafalgar Releasing effort is the sequel to 2019’s Bring the Soul: The Movie, which raked in $24.3 million in box office on 2.55 million tickets sold in 112 territories according to a release announcing the movie.

What Mulan moving to Disney+ means for Hollywood blockbusters

Disney+ recently passing 60 million paid subscribers just nine months after its launch…If half of those subscribers were to purchase Mulan, the film would take in $900 million, with all that money going directly to Disney. And that’s not to mention the new subscribers the film might bring to the platform. (Also, this is no 48-hour rental deal: Once viewers pay their $30, they’ll have access to Mulan as long as they subscribe.)

Mulan’ Madness: With A Potential Disney+ Windfall, Will Studio Still Need Movie Theaters?

‘Why would you share your profitability with an outside company?!’ cried one owner of a dine-in cinemas chain…If 50% of their subscribers rent Mulan, that’s $906 million! That’s money that Disney gets to keep all on their own! This is a death blow to theaters…”

With ‘Mulan,’ Disney Tests Out Entirely New Early VOD Model

The live-action remake is premiering on Disney Plus on Sept. 4 for a premium price.. Consumers in the U.S. and other territories will have to pay $29.99 on top of the streaming service’s monthly subscription fee of $6.99. In markets where Disney Plus isn’t available, “Mulan” will play in cinemas.

Martin Scorsese Makes Apple First-Look Film & Television Deal The relationship kicks off with Killers of the Flower Moon which will star Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro…a deal that has Paramount releasing the film theatrically.

Disney+ Passes 60.5M Subscribers, Reaches 5-Year Streaming Goal In First Eight Months

Netflix Negotiating For ‘The Woman In The Window’ With Amy Adams…Project Will Be Let Go By Disney

Sony Pictures Quarterly Profit Rises to $230 Million

Theatrical revenue fell to $6 million amid the coronavirus pandemic, but home entertainment revenue surged 60 percent to $319 million.

NBCUniversal CEO Jeff Shell Says Studio’s Deal With AMC “Can Tap Into Very Large Audience” Who Doesn’t Frequent Movie Theaters

Netflix Original Films Exec Says ‘We’re Still in Pretty Good Shape’

“The choice is not going to be, ‘Do I go to the theater or do I watch something in the comfort of my own home?’ It’s going to be, ‘What do I want to watch and where can I find it?’”

BritBox Streaming Service to Expand Into up to 25 Countries

HBO Max Reached 4.1 Million Subscribers One Month After Launch