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The Business of Media — iTunes Top 10 — Immersive Cinema — Probability — YouTube Middle Class 

Immersive Cinema

Gruvi Weekly Digest #10 — A weekly catch up on what we found interesting at Gruvi.

This week it’s all about experiences- some virtual, some real, some positive, some potentially damaging. Staying on the bright side, we can’t help but marvel at the variety of choice we have to choose our experiences for both work and leisure and contain excitement at the wide perspective of future evolution still to come.

Ben, CEO

Confessions of a digital commercial director: ‘It’s all smoke an mirrors’ via Digiday
A candid and revealing look into the business of media?—?not a pretty picture of an industry.

Matt, Operations Lead

The iTunes Top 10 of 2015: How Apple Cracked the Code and Turned Indies and Doc Into Digital Hits via Vanity Fair
Video on demand gains more traction by the day as the greatest instrument of levelling the playing field in the film industry. The yearly top of iTunes is here to confirm it.

Mirona, Gruvi’s Go Getter

Secret, immersive cinema is likely to change the future of film via The Conversation
Experiences are becoming crucial for all media, and those for film have been developing at a rapid pace in recent years. One side is eminently thechnological- think Oculus Rift and co.- while the other places emphasis on direct human interaction and brings film closer to the performance arts.

Julio, CTO

The Universe of Discourse : The envelope paradox via
Here’s a wee brain twister to keep you busy on the run-up to jesusfest. Probability lovers will adore this.

Johnny, Lead Developer

You Can Have Millions Of Subscribers On YouTube-And Still Be Flat Broke via Fusion
The economics of the “Youtube middleclass” as explained by one of its members. Why having tens of thousands of subscribers is not enough and how difficult it is to balance the happiness of the viewers and the income from sponsored content.

Dario, Developer

Avegant’s Glyph Headset Is a Movie Theater for Your Face via Wired
One of my personal vices is watching TV series before going to sleep. Usually I go to sleep very late. It means that I’m the only one awake in the flat at that time. Since I prefer to see and hear a story being unraveled on a screen, it often happens that someone starts yelling at me to turn down the volume. But after taking a brief overview of the Glyph, I think I found a solution- and it just might be the perfect one.

Franco, Graphic Designer

Why every member in your team is a UX Designer via Medium
Interesting insight on UX by Ariel Verber: “Many people claim there’s a big difference between a UX Designer and a UI Designer. It’s true, but in reality, the UX is designed only by the collaborative work of the entire team.”

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