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The Future of Big Media — No More Breaking News — Interactive Fiction — Motion Design & UX

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Gruvi Weekly Digest #23 — A weekly catch up on what we found interesting at Gruvi.
The future is not exactly in the future, but in the making on a daily basis. The pace of change has accelerated and adapting to it needs to keep up, rather than wasting time dwelling on the past. From big media, to interactive fiction, to news and short films, adapting to change and building ‘the future’ is what we’ve read about these past weeks.

Ben, CEO
REDEF ORIGINAL: By Obsessing Over the Present, Big Media has Forgotten its Past and Endangered its Past via Redef
Matthew Ball has been publishing some really interesting and insightful research on Redef. His latest series of 3 articles on the status quo for television offers a very sobering reality check.

Matt, Operations Lead
The Times of London is swearing off breaking news via Digiday
“The Times” is soon transitioning to a ‘digital edition’ online offering, where they no longer provide coverage of breaking news and live events. Breaking News is a free commodity thanks to other news sources. Behind a paywall since 2010, the digital editors know people come to them (and pay for) longer form content and analysis.

Johnny, Lead Developer
A Sad Person’s Guide to New Interactive Fiction via Flavorwire
Interactive fiction is capable to mix the fascination of games with that of literature in a hybrid form that’s producing some interesting results while it’s finding its way.

Franco, Digital Designer
How To Integrate Motion Design In The UX Workflow via Smashing Magazine
Motion design can play an important role on interface design. When used correctly, it helps the users to achieve their goals easily. This article gives a good understanding on how to integrate animation into the UX workflow.

Mirona, Gruvi’s Go Getter
Is There a Market for Shorts That Debut at Film Festivals? via Indiewire
Short films is where filmmakers start, but is there more to it? What are the terms at play in the market for short films? It looks like making it available for free and getting it seen is far more valuable than being paid a couple of hundred bucks to have it on a dedicated VOD platform.What can be done about online piracy? Here’s our take:
Online Piracy?—?Why do people illegally torrent and download movies and what should be done about it
Read our report on the pros and cons of Screening Room:
Movies Should Be Seen?—?How Screening Room Is Challenging the way Hollywood works
Check out the what we have learned about audience targeting in one of our recent campaigns:
Know Thy Audience: Marketing the Horror Film IT FOLLOWS

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