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The Law of Shitty Click Throughs – Why do most online campaigns end up sucking?

Over time, all marketing strategies result in shitty click through rates. According to Andrew Chen the main driver for the Law of Shitty Click Throughs are:

  1. Customers respond to novelty, which inevitably fades – as your ad become more routine your potential users learn to avoid it (Banner Blindness images)
  2. First-to-market never lasts – its relatively easy for your competitors to figure out your strategies and copy, this eventually leads to your competitors flooding the market with competing ads
  3. More scale means less qualified customers – the law of diminishing returns in marketing or as your campaign progresses and you eventually work through the user base that finds your offer valuable or novel, it becomes more and more complex and expensive to encourage users to act

Today you are more likely to die in a plane crash than click on a banner for a particular campaign. In our work with the studios we have seen this phenomenon repeatedly.
So what are the solutions? As a marketer we’re all aware of the importance of good creative, creative rotation, adjusting targeting and message, as various niches begin to tire – but there are novel ways to ensure marketing success over time and these involve the targeting of new platforms, media and technologies in order to delay the ‘Law of Shitty Clickthroughs’. Part of our rationale for Wave is to constantly evolve our marketing platforms into areas that allow brands access to new technologies and social media when they become commercially relevant, as well as to streamline the creative process for creation – saving both time and money. On our horizon are the products for social media that trigger updates on mobile and social media.

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