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The New TV // Haven’t I Heard That Before? // Talking to Customers // A Lot More is More // Movie Sc

The New TV

Gruvi Weekly Digest #39?—?A weekly catch up on what we found interesting at Gruvi.
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Ben, CEO
How YouTube is Becoming the New Tube | CMF Trends
YouTube slowly became an alternative to television. This insightful in-depth report looks at how TV is forced to take a cue from YouTube and keep up with its rhythm.

Stephen, Innovation Director
The UK Singles Chart Is Sluggish and Dull. Is This the Solution? | Music Business Worldwide
The Official Charts Company is taking a cue from the past to make way for new songs and new artists. What’s the urgency? 36 weeks into 2016 a grand total of only 8 songs have reached number 1 in UK Charts. A little diversity wouldn’t hurt.

Franco, Digital Designer
Customer Development for Startups: What I Learned Talking to 500 Customers in 4 Weeks | Groove
Alex from Groove decided to send e-mails to their whole client base in order to get feedback via Skype conversations. The results he got from it was amazing!

Mirona, Marketing Lead
The Future is More Content: Jeff Bezos, Robots and High Volume Publishing | Buzzsumo
Forget about less is more. It turns out the winning strategy is to invest in long tail content. A LOT of it!

Johnny, Lead Developer

Tony Zhou’s body of work speaks for itself and if you haven’t seen all his videos, be sure to take a couple hours off and just binge on them tonight. In his latest instalment, Every Frame a Painting, he explores the use of music in recent blockbusters and how bland and unmemorable the scores of those movies are as opposed to other cultural icons.
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Check out the Stickbold! approach to influencer marketing for games in our video interview:
Launching your game. How are you influencing your influencer marketing?
Is your Snapchat strategy ready? Here’s why we think it should be:
What’s your Snapchat Strategy?
What can decrease online piracy? Here’s our take:
Online Piracy?—?Why do people illegally torrent and download movies and what should be done about it

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