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The shortcut to great cinema-going experiences- the Showtimes API

In 2014, we spent three months collecting data on cinemas in the territories where we regularly worked. We did this research in order to confirm our belief that exhibition venues of all kinds- from multiplexes to independent cinemas- were increasingly putting an emphasis on their online presence. Most venues across Europe, Latin America, Russia and Asia Pacific not only had a website, many of them also offered their customers the possibility of purchasing tickets online. The direct result of our research has been the launch of our Showtimes API, a tool that we have successfully been implementing for our clients ever since.
Providing showtimes and ticketing possibilities has become the norm for cinemas and we have matched that by improving our integration. For example, in the case of Germany our research in 2014 showed that the country scored fairly low (by comparison) in terms of online ticketing and technology platforms. With an increased level of integration, our Showtimes API now includes data from all the major chains, as well as 250 independent theaters. It helps the patrons reach the venues easier and faster and it showed great results in our work with our German clients. Integrated within the Gruvi Facebook newsfeed app, Showtimes take the experience of viewing a trailer to the next level- that of ticket purchasing. Our campaigns with Disney over the summer of 2015 in Germany have had great conversion rates- with over 10% of users utilizing the deep ticketing option.
We have recently added Austria and Switzerland among the countries that the API can provide showtimes for, covering our clients’ needs for the German speaking markets. The integration with the newsfeed player makes the most of the data to customise the users’ experience, by displaying showtimes for the venues closest to their location. We are working on adding more territories covered by the Showtimes API to ensure that our clients’ products and brands are ready to be discovered and enjoyed with the advent of the growing landscape of social media.

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