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Thoughts on the ‘2014 State of Marketing Report’

We recently came across ExactTarget’s ‘2014 State of Marketing’ report, and it’s interesting reading to say the least. What’s particularly exciting for us at Gruvi is the extent to which the demands of marketers increasingly match the features provided by Gruvi. This report has helped confirm what we’ve known all along: Gruvi is a powerful tool for entertainment marketers looking to streamline the creation and deployment of their digital campaigns.
With 98% of marketers planning to increase or maintain their online marketing spend in 2014, there’s little doubt that this rapidly evolving market is only going to become bigger. And with the ever rising importance of web and mobile, marketers are going to require easy-to-use, streamlined, yet powerful marketing tools to run their campaigns.
The top 5 areas of increased spending by digital marketers in 2014 are:
What’s interesting is the persistence of emailing marketing. While new technologies are increasingly making email more personalised, this form of reaching out to fans is hugely outdated, and means missing out on the more lucrative opportunities offered by social media. Brands hoping to drive user engagement have got to meet their fans on their fans’ own terms. With some users spending as much as 16 minutes out of every hour on social media, email just cannot compete with the regularity that social media exposes fans to brands.
Leaving aside the persistence of email, the State of Marketing report does demonstrate that marketers are becoming increasingly aware of digital possibilities. All areas of increased spending are interlocked and depend on each other for an effective marketing campaign. Marketers want a content management system to manage their assets, artwork, products and services. They want this content management system to deploy their content to social media in an engaging package that drives user interactions and ROI. The increasing complexity of online campaigns (spanning products and borders globally) means marketers want a simple, automated solution, that allows them to run their campaigns centrally and deploy at lightening speed. Finally, they want to analyse and optimise performance – the ability to learn about fan interests and retarget these fans with content they find more relevant, and thus increasing conversions, is the great promise of social media marketing.
For entertainment marketers, with huge amounts of assets, content and back catalogue libraries, everything above will surely ring true. That’s why we built Gruvi – a content management system designed to help entertainment marketers create, deploy and track their online marketing campaigns. Our template-orientated system streamlines the process of creating digital campaigns for web, mobile and social, and can shorten the time taken to deploy campaigns from weeks to minutes.
Gruvi deploys easily to Facebook, including an integrated Timeline app for engaging users browsing their Newsfeed, but it can also operate on Youtube and Twitter, as well as build dedicated mobile and micro sites to drive users to an environment you control. Next year we’ll be releasing into beta a new fan-management plugin for Gruvi, that will let you manage and retarget users who interact with your campaigns (watch this space!).
All apps built within Gruvi are localised and fully trackable, and with the new features related to fan-retargeting, marketers interested in getting precise figures on conversions and ROI, or those interested in increasing their knowledge of their online fan base, need look no further than Gruvi.

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