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Tobuscus’s Week from Hell — Facebook is Killing It — Design in the Olympics

Tobuscus’s Week from Hell 

Gruvi Weekly Digest #24 — A weekly catch up on what we found interesting at Gruvi.
The internet as usual has provided more brain farts of interest than we can shake a stick at. This week it’s Internet celebrity sex scandals, how celebs make obscene amounts of money by just showing up, more facts on how Facebook is still winning hands down, design for the 2016 Olympics and gender equality in movies … by dialogue analysis (it’s way more fascinating than it sounds).

Ben, CEO
Toby Turner (@TobyTurner) | Twitter Tobuscus aka Toby Turner the legendary Youtuber and one of the first internet stars of UGC has been hit with series of abuse allegations by a former girlfriend. As usual the ‘for an against’ mob are at it leading to some pretty big names in the business either lending or removing their support. Personally I find the guy hilarious, and I hope that one of my favourite internet heros does not have a really dark side as this would bum me out.

Matt, Operations Lead
Facebook is King, Other Networks Fight for Scraps |
Interesting article investigating the performance of different social media. Not surprisingly, Facebook wins hands down. But there’s hope yet for the other players and certainly a lot to be gained by publishers through diversifying across social media.

Johnny, Lead Developer
The Largest Analysis of Film Dialogue by Gender, Ever |
You’ve read the Tumblr blogs, you’ve seen the Youtube videos and you’ve Bechdel tested movies to hunt for gender equality in Hollywood. The people at Polygraph found those methods lacking and decided to look at the actual dialog and map it for a few thousand movies so you don’t have to.

Franco, Digital Designer
How The 2016 Olympic Logo and Font were Created |
The Olympics is a place where dreams come true?—?including for designers, who create everything from the logos to the tickets, the mascots to medals for every Games. The logo process offers a unique case study on collaboration, one where two firms from different cultures must work off each other to produce final products that will surely be seen by hundreds of millions of people.

Julio, CTO
How Celebs Make Big Bucks for Doing . . . Nothing | GQ
I knew this was a thing, but not that it was so big. If you haven’t shed your inevitable daily allowance of hope for humanity, you certainly will once you learn there’s people paying folks like Lil’ Jon six figures to just show up at a place. It’s great business for celebrities and other parasites of human attention and hey, good for them. But learning that «there were at least five VIP tables near Ms. Minaj’s area that individuals were willing to pay well in excess of $25,000.00 for each» won’t exactly score humanity any points with any potential alien observers.Read our report on the pros and cons of Screening Room:
Movies Should Be Seen?—?How Screening Room Is Challenging the way Hollywood works
Check out the what we have learned about audience targeting in one of our recent campaigns:
Know Thy Audience: Marketing the Horror Film IT FOLLOWS
Read about alternative production and distribution for the indies in our interview with Danish producer Jakob Staberg:
Making “The Man Who Saved the World”- a documentary that turned into a feature film

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