Performance Marketing

Know Thy Audience: Marketing the Horror Film “It Follows”

Articles / Ben Johnson on 11 March 2016

What happens when you learn mid-campaign that you’re targeting the wrong audience? Every now and again, we work on a movie that is really special — when our initial assumptions about marketing and target audience are completely disproved, and when data brings to…
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Engaging Rolling Stones fans with the LightVibes experience

Campaigns / Ben Johnson on 3 September 2015

Earlier this year, Gruvi had the pleasure of collaborating with UCI Cinemas (part of the largest cinema chain in Europe) and Phillips, the leader of lighting innovation, for the launch of the LightVibes technology. Through ambiental LED lighting, LightVibes enhances…
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Programmatic Buying: Welcome to a new era of advertising

Articles / Ben Johnson on 7 October 2014

Programmatic buying, or real-time ad bidding, is rapidly changing the way advertising spend is parcelled out online, with the share of programmatic spend in US digital media transactions expected to rise to over 80% by 2017. Western Europe will not…
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