Winning Your Audiences: Movie Marketing in the Connected World

Winning Your Audiences

Marketing Movies in the Connected World

The film industry worldwide is at a crossroads. Technology disruption is causing established business models to erode and many marketing practices to fail.The good news is that there are many effective methodologies to reach and engage audiences online. We cover these in this free e-book based on our 8 years of experience in film marketing to help you.

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  • Explore what are the wider politics and economics that influence the current operation of Film Distribution;
  • Learn methodologies and tactics to maximise your ability to reach and engage audiences online;
  • Get a step by step guide to preparing and launching online marketing campaigns.

"Despite the wide range of gorgeous content, there is something fundamentally rotten in the state of entertainment content marketing that results in behaviours that are continuously at odds with the real performance. This can be really frustrating, especially when you see a great content discovery experience go to waste through poor execution because the system is stacked against the marketing teams responsible."

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