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Gruvi’s Connect Player Platform provides a comprehensive programmatic solution to easily create, purchase, traffic, optimise and report all video campaigns across all networks and platforms.

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Clients that work with us

Gruvi focuses on the video advertising needs of entertainment industry brands where we help both large labels and independents

Make your video more than just video

Present your video in a rich interactive format that incorporates games, galleries of related videos, next to clear links to purchase and/or ticketing

One setup for the whole web

Interactive video players that work natively on social media and across web and mobile environments. Deploy to local publishers in all markets organically or as part of a paid media campaign

Release the power of programmatic creative control

The Gruvi Connect Player Platform creates all your video based marketing assets in seconds allowing you to respond creatively on the fly

Get to know your audience better

Monitor and track the success of your campaigns in real-time, making immediate adjustments to optimise performance. Learn about your audiences and retarget those who engage the most and optimise your budget

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The most comprehensive global showtimes and ticketing solution available, delivering users straight to the point of sale

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